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Betweenzone Mosaical


Featuring sensational guitar work, crystal clear production, a vast sense of emotive progression and a notably contemporary take on the experimental, Pink Floyd or The Doors-esque tones of the sixties, Betweenzone offer up a uniquely artistic, immersive EP, which kicks into gear with a brilliantly fascinating, near-twenty-minute-long Mosaical.

From strong beginnings, a track with a superb use of melody and instrumental impact united amidst intriguing lyricism, the composition soon evolves into dark and unpredictable realms. That experimental aura takes the wheel, still proving immersive but enveloping you now in a boldly cinematic, inescapable kind of depth and uncertainty. Far more than a simple song, Mosaical is an experience – a professionally crafted, increasingly impressive one.

Before long, the ambient call of Look to the sky softly hypnotizes, as layers of intensity and distorted grit linger in the distance for sublime contrast. Then we get lost in the guitars again, hearing fragments of crackled radio monologue, an underlying concept and story-line at work that draws your focus and interest with ease.

Hand-drum rhythms softly keep things moving, provoking a certain desire to witness all of this in a live setting – something that would likely, hopefully, be quite phenomenal.

As the journey goes on, layers of sci-fi-kissed synths rain down, introducing another new chapter yet still holding close to this calm yet concerned mood that is the entire piece. And we resolve once again with a return to the descending, soothing repeat of Look to the sky. The array of colors we’re directed to noticing, seem to offer a sort of meditative simplicity and focus, which suits this beautiful moment within the track perfectly well.

During the final third, those synths from earlier mutate into a full-throttle EDM explosion, embracing you with a quicker electronic rhythm, a certain fullness, a detailed soundscape that seems to move faster and faster – taking your body and mind with it.

What an interesting, refreshing piece of music. As unusual as you could hope for, yet never at the expense of musical skill, thoughtful writing, or professionalism. In fact, this is one of the most musically engaging, satisfying releases to emerge this year, and the production, on top of everything else, is fantastic.

If the opening track didn’t intrigue you quite enough, Contamination Procedure 2020 certainly should. A mere eight minutes long (something I never thought I’d find myself writing), the track immediately pours through as this late-night dance-hit of euphoric escapism. The latter half in particular rises up with intensity and pace, energizing you in an awesomely nostalgic, powerful way.

You forget all prior comparisons or references to other artists, the Betweenzone sound and style is theirs, it’s directed towards expressing ideas and feelings about certain issues, and the music will go wherever it needs to in order to explore this.

Brilliant. How a single track or even a pair of tracks can manage to hold your attention and affection for such an extended time is incredible. I really hope Betweenzone have some live streams in the pipeline, and some plans for real shows once all of this is over.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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