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Between The Music and Me Dance With Me Tonight


The producer and label manager behind the project Between The Music and Me has released a series of original tracks in recent months, each of which showcases an eclectic, skillful and emotive approach to both songwriting and composition.

The latest of these is a brand new single, Dance With Me Tonight. It’s a smooth and seductive, mellow slice of pop, with a soulful, RnB-style vocal, and a classic beat alongside layers of keys and synths that subtly create a nostalgic, calming vibe.

Elsewhere in the catalogue, versatility stands tall. I’m Missing You introduces a welcomed off-beat, reggae-style backdrop, with an acoustic guitar sound that creates a live, in the moment experience – the sort that would mesmerize from the stage. A personal favourite from the entire Between The Music and Me catalogue, this track seamlessly blends organic instrumentation, a somewhat gritty, infectious rhythm, with a wash of reverb, and a dreamlike vocal that softly lulls you into a state of calm.

Another highlight is the song So In Love, which adopts that smooth, sultry vibe from before, utilising a softly expressive voice amidst a simple, somewhat minimalist yet striking soundscape – and a progression that again resolves gorgeously for the hook.

The nineties influence stands tall, but it comes with a crisp air of contemporary production and sound design, a quality that also proves true for the song Thanks But No! Here we get a faster tempo, sweeping hypnotic synth riffs and plenty of hi-hat action, along with a simple pop vocal that proceeds to blend into the ambiance with flawless delicacy. The underlying sentiments are also ‘out there’ enough to intrigue and appeal for their confidence and colour. Undoubtedly a unique and quickly recognisable alternative pop song, with a hint of trip-hop or Morcheeba-style delivery.

Bringing things down to a somewhat more raw, stripped back set-up, is the heartbreaking desperation and uncertainty of a piano-led Everything Has Changed. This song keeps things to the absolute bare essentials, and the singer’s voice shines brightly in this setting for its clear vulnerability and emotional connection to the subject matter. A defiant step in a somewhat more revealing direction, but another nod to that versatility and ability that’s unconfined by style or genre.

In contrast again, Flowers In The Garden throws a little jazz and classic soul into the mix, keeping the minimalism at the forefront, and once again indicating that a live show is where things would really come to life.

At the other end of the spectrum, a brilliantly colourful, melodically satisfying My Love Shines proves an absolute highlight in itself. Featuring strong rhythms, multiple layers of detail, and a melody that progresses beautifully throughout its reflective verses to the ultimate drop to a long-awaited, addictive hook – the song emerges at the peak of the project’s writing.

Wake Up Funky is another that spins things around and injects a little creative freedom into the modern pop scene. A personal favourite, easy going with some clever and quirky little rhymes that lead well into the swagger and energizing groove of later on.

All of these songs seem to deal with love and relationships, offering deep human emotions but doing so in a likable, accessible and, for the most part, far from melancholic manner. It’s refreshing, it speaks to the heart, and the production quality perfectly well enhances the concepts and moods at the centre of each recording. Undoubtedly a playlist worth letting run throughout this lock-down.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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