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Best In The Booth The Legacy


Best In The Booth is a collaborative project compiling releases from some of the best undiscovered artists in hip-hop, as well as those of some of the genre’s better known legends. The Legacy edition of this venture opens with the supremely addictive and rhythmic good vibes of Seed Of A Memory by The I.S.A. To say that it starts things off with a bang is an understatement, the track has the crisp and characterful qualities of any stand out release on any level.

The music itself takes the best of the jazz world, throws in an infectious bass-line that plays the part of a leading riff in many ways, and finally brings about that classic yet organic sounding hip-hop beat – upon which the vocalists and lyricists involved showcase the absolute best of their abilities. The whole thing shines with stunning brightness, keeping the energy high, keeping things feeling good, and providing an absolute backbone of strength and positivity from which the rest of the project can grow and continue to captivate.

Along with the musical swagger of this album, the ideas expressed within are of the most honest and endearing possible, and each moment is put forth in an incredibly skillful and compelling way. A Million Reasons by JProD follows the opener and categorically seals the deal in making this an unmissable album for 2017. The music is at the highest and most enjoyable level, keeping the variation strong yet forever feeding further into the professionalism and power of the sound. The lyricism is something else entirely, providing that essential humanity, that realness. Each artist involved offers up deeply thoughtful expression and unquestionably impressive flow. The whole thing hits with intense impact, and this goes for every single track on the project. Turn it on and turn it up.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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