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Benso&I Fiery Eyes


Singer and songwriter duo Benso&I offer up some gorgeously organic folk vibes on this version of Fiery Eyes. The simple strum of an acoustic guitar and a clear sense of space and warmth are all that’s needed to support the band’s beautifully united voices.

The song is stunning in itself, but this presentation lets its heartfelt writing and realness connect all the more intensely. The duo harmonize gorgeously, professionally yet with passion and purity. There aren’t too many groups that lead with such vocal simplicity and strength these days, particularly not in such a creative way. The manner in which their lines and melodies intertwine is superb.

The song becomes quickly familiar, the hook leaves its mark in an instant and has you longing to join in. The verses present a little more detail, a little more story-line. Other than this, the only additional layer is the second guitar that comes into play – a hint of further folk flavor and honesty that helps subtly but surely light up the soundscape even more so.

I was reminded a little of Starsailor – by this tone of voice and the style of this performance. There’s also a definite air of the more classic folk pairs from a couple of decades ago though. In any case, Benso&I have a clearly shared skill and passion for music, and this lets their performances and recordings mesmerize beautifully. A pleasure to stumble upon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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