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Benjamin Andrews Far Away From Home


Just a couple of months after we stumbled upon the beautiful Silver Lining, Benjamin Andrews is back with yet another beautifully honest, engaging new single – with a notable level of realism, even scorn.

From a distance, this rising chord progression and the addictive back and forth of the verse melody create a quickly welcoming, somewhat nostalgic soft-rock aura. Benjamin’s voice reaches out through this organic warmth in a recognizable, expressive and soulful fashion – it’s a guy-next-door kind of vocal, raspy enough to rock out but intimate and authentic enough to connect on a personal level.

When you bring things in a little closer, the songwriting is, once again, what really lights up the experience.

Far Away From Home seems to address an individual in the wrong – could be the self, could be a political reference, or it could simply refer to a certain other who lost the support of their inner circle. The lyrics talk of those lies you told, ultimately resolving with this hook sentiment – the rolling note that boldly reminds this certain someone how far away from home they truly are now.

It’s a fascinating song, poetic and vague enough to intrigue, and indeed to be made your own – not so vague that it doesn’t have a clear message and statement to make. And the sound and set-up is a total pleasure to hear right now.

* * *

So you drink more, so you can dream more…

* * *

Emerging complete with stylish flickers of electric guitar and comforting bass-work, the single is masterfully crafted, and delivered with just enough identity to stand out. A personal favorite from the summer so far.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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