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Ben Ryan Metzger Ride With The One You Love


Cleveland pop artist Ben Ryan Metzger leads with optimism and positivity on this latest single. From the album of the same name, Ride With The One You Love fuses a classic dance backdrop and energy level with a country-style melody and vocal style to match.

Though it’s not one of his most melodically satisfying songs, it introduces the new project well. There’s a subtle sense of progression to the track, the hook leaves its mark in a humble way – non-intrusively. The music brings something slightly retro to the scene, these multiple layers of synths and samples that rain down create an upbeat aura that suits the concept of the ride really well. Meanwhile, fragments of additional vocals help light up the outer edges.

For the most part, Metzger’s voice is the driving force throughout the song. There’s undoubtedly an air of recognizability to the style with which he delivers – the same goes for his performance and dancing alike, which you can see throughout the various videos available over on YouTube. There’s character to this approach, and that gives him a memorable edge.

Download the album via iTunes. Find & follow Ben Ryan Metzger on Twitter or visit his Website.

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