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Ben Asante Blossoms & Sorrows


Bristol’s Ben Asante lays down a series of creative gems throughout the musically immersive, impressive and ambient Blossoms & Sorrows.

Aptly juxtaposed with equal parts contemplation, melancholy and optimism, the project leads with clear individuality – layers of horn, expressive production traits, freedom of style, engaging melodies – all of which meets with professionalism and a defiant level of purpose.

The Orange Tunnel as an opener is all of this, immediately intriguing for its originality, progressively embracing the listener in this neo-classical, trip-hop-style instrumental or arena of thought. Unique yet effective, ultimately recognisable and satisfying in its progression – traits that ring loud throughout the short collection.

The Crying City follows, and while the scene and the mood vary, there’s instantly a thread to be found – this quick-riff backdrop, the mild acoustic intensity of the playing, proves a calling card of Asante and this project. Weave in a live drum sound for further contrast, and once again a new realm of escapism takes over – prompting the mind to wander, the body to calm.

We finish with Moments In Time, melodically driven from the outset, blending warming synths with cleanly-mixed horn of a somewhat freestyle, subtle jazz origin. The shortest piece on the EP, this one speaks perhaps the most boldly on behalf of its concept, as that simple melodic movement holds attention well in this minimalist, emotive setting. A lovely way to finish, and an artist with a genuinely fresh, interesting way of making music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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