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Bella Kelly Felony


Gothic Folk and Electronic Pop artist Bella Kelly continues to drive with creative freedom and originality. The LA independent recently launched her brand new single and video Felony, and the track leads with a fearlessly dark and sultry electro vibe.

Built around a heavy bassline and trap rhythm, Felony employs a slowly looping, almost trance-like melodic flow for the verses, with quicker-voiced resolves at the end of each progression, and builds up into an unexpectedly intense distorted rock realm; as the story and passion of the delivery gather clear momentum.

Lyrically loaded with short lines and references both poetic and personal, Felony resolves well for this striking use of contrast between ethereal, delicate verses and the sheer weight of the hook. All the while, professionally captured visuals accompany the performance, further exploring the darker gothic side of the Bella Kelly persona, alongside fragments of a romantic relationship gone wrong.

Masterfully utilising the impact of juxtaposition, Felony is stylistically its own beast – a genre-fusing ode to betrayal and self-empowerment, with a haunting piano backdrop and a nearly whispered breakdown for the middle-8. It’s a structurally enchanting release, and one that speaks volumes on behalf of the unorthodox and engaging artistry of Bella Kelly.

Find Bella Kelly on Instagram or visit her Website.

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