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Bella Barton Daughter


Bella Barton’s songwriting is refreshingly honest and reflective of the upfront reality of life as seen through the eyes of the artist. Daughter is nothing like you might expect, perhaps the more common song featuring a title such as this has an acoustic softness to it, a declaration of love or nostalgia, something poetic and folk like. Though the acoustic element is present, and there’s far from a lack of poetry involved, Bella Barton’s song is something else entirely.

What at first comes through as an enjoyable and lightly upbeat piece of jazz-folk or some other stylish and organic sub genre, soon shows itself to be the unapologetic expression of disdain for something that happens all too often. It’s refreshing because it’s not something you expect to hear about, and because the song is so well crafted and beautifully performed – Bella Barton’s leading voice has the depth and soul of any great singer. These elements together make for an extraordinary and long overdue addition to the world’s music.

If you were to hear the song playing in the background of a bar somewhere, you’d enjoy the sound, you’d enjoy the vibes, you’d maybe make a note of the name. If you were to witness it performed live, however, or in a more intimate setting where you can hear each and every lyrics as it comes through – the reality is something way more interesting than your average acoustic pop offering. Bella Barton’s music is fantastic, her voice is stunning, and her overall artistry is beaming with absolute individuality. At just 17 years old, there’s bound to be a lot more to look forward to. Well worth a listen.

Download or stream Daughter here. Bella is currently playing a series of shows ahead of the release of her debut album 10 Songs. More details & live dates can be found on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit her Website for further information.

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