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Being Over


This new track by UK based duo Being makes for a sublime listening experience, particularly when played at volume, through noise cancelling headphones – perhaps as part of a long journey. It’s a beautifully intense few minutes when you let it be just you and the music.

The track appears as much more of a soundscape than a song, especially in terms of structure. The music is gentle but intense; it builds, without getting noisy. The story unfolds, the poetry of it soaks into you, the hypnotic looping of those instruments and that relaxed, calming, almost whispered vocal performance makes for a mind altering few minutes.

It’s a beautiful piece of music that really requires you to take the time out to just sit back and experience it. The accompanying video enhances the effects superbly, with it’s equally natural simplicity, a slightly jarred reality expressed through minimal visual effects – as a complete piece of art it’s an incredibly well crafted release.

The music has the potential to leave you feeling a little like something is missing from your life once the track has stopped. This effect is quite rare, and it’s a great one to have on an audience – inflicting upon listeners this undeniable desire to press play once again. There’s a feeling of safety in the sound, a comforting warmth that surrounds you and tells you about the world – without you having to go out and face it yourself; perhaps one of the more personal reasons why we love music so intensely and need for it to be in our lives.

It appears to be the case that the song expresses exactly what the artists felt and intended to express. What we receive as strangers discovering it, is something hugely emotional and raw and real – whether our minds wander to the same place or not is unknown, but the feeling is strong, and that’s where the genuine power lies. The hook section of this song almost hides itself within the music, but it somehow grabs you nonetheless – it’s not a significant change in melody, there’s just something about those two lines that hit hard.

It really goes without saying that Over is a stunning piece of music. It makes your mind wander, it alters your perspective entirely, in a very gritty and honest sort of way – and quite cleverly, as mentioned, in a moment it all appears to be over, and you really feel that when the song ends; it really sinks in. It’s an amazing effect.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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