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Beea Ride Or Die


Ride Or Die is a song that admittedly sounds quite different to the energetic, pop-EDM fusion you might expect from the title and the artwork. Perhaps mainstream media has warped our expectations, but in either case – this is a pleasantly surprising song that showcases the artist Beea’s unique voice and approach to music in a memorable way; as well as offering up a heartfelt bit of writing that deals brilliantly with the concept of loyalty.

To begin with, the guitar riff that opens things up has a clear familiarity about it – you’re invited into the process and the song by this nostalgic and spacious touch. Afterwards, Beea’s leading voice emerges, soaked in emotion, delivering a smooth and quickly calming melody-line – though that comes with a notable level of difficulty or struggle.

The song is soothing to listen to, but its subject matter falls quite far from joyful for the most part. There’s so much passion, this fight for love concept is addictive and something that many listeners will relate to and appreciate. Beea’s honesty is unquestionable, you can hear it in the lyrics, the detail, and in the vulnerability and loyalty in her voice. You quickly warm her to realness, her authenticity. It’s refreshing – it’s pop music with genuine personal turmoil, so it connects in an unparalleled way.

Structurally the song is on point, the verses keep things delicate and stick to the story-telling, the scene-setting. The pre-chorus quickens the pace, love comes through a little more, with a dash of desperation. Then you get to the hook, a powerful moment; increasingly so later on as the song evolves further. The track’s title and concept become more and more enjoyable and appealing as the whole thing reveals its true colours. The final moments really draw you in, structurally and just in terms of the sheer ache and determination in that vocal performance. The a capella or choir-like outro is beautiful and adds even more depth and individuality to an already uniquely interesting song.

This is alternative pop at its greatest, in my opinion. It has all the building blocks of a memorable hit, but it also has so much character and so much that is unpredictable. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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