BAzzJoke, telefonjasser & MEL - Endless River - Stereo Stickman

BAzzJoke, telefonjasser & MEL Endless River


This three-way collaborative release is one that brings through a fascinating fusion of styles amidst a surprisingly emotive and brilliantly passionate bit of songwriting and performance – essentially balancing the best of the EDM and soul-pop worlds in a partly nostalgic yet immensely refreshing manner.

Endless River offers up a classic sense of progression and rising anticipation, building upwards from a simple piano part and a stripped back yet emotionally loaded and easily capable leading voice, into the full-throttle energy and brightness of a dance smash. Then out of the blue you get the same process occurring again – the energy falls away, things start over – minimalism and organic musicianship return to see that build-up take place once more, and this time it’s even more captivating thanks to that awareness and familiarity from before. You anticipate the drop intensely here, the final moments proving a beautiful and effective representation of the song’s underlying sentiments.

Nothing about Endless River hits too hard in the end, while it feels like there’s a significant evolution taking place, it’s really just the power and heart in that leading vocal delivery, and a select few intentional and fitting production choices – showcasing a fine meeting between creativity and professionalism.

The humble nature of this piece, the natural sound, combined with the poetic undertones and purpose of the performance, all helps make it a notably unique and striking release for 2019. The song sweeps you away on its raw energy and optimism, and at the same time – you can quite easily visualize a live show; that realness stands tall, and it adds so much to the moment and to how impressive and genuine the whole thing is.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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