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BAYBY Juls BIG CART / no new new


Having amassed over 150k streams of his music in just a couple of years, rapper and artist BAYBY Juls is rightfully making waves in the alternative hip hop scene. Given the talent, professionalism and passion evident in every release, things looks set to continuing growing.

An early hit and still a timeless stand-out from his collection is undoubtedly the superb Big Cart. Melodically engaging, musically ambient, emotional in subject and delivery, yet also weaving in a fine balance of genres and a softly anthem-like hook – the single introduces the fearless and genuine style of the artist in a bold way.

Authenticity proves a calling-card throughout Juls’ releases, yet so does eclecticism. The mood of Bikini, as an example, feels equally mellow, calming and genre-fusing once again, this time though Juls’ characterful vocals softly detail a more laid-back look at romance and appreciation for a significant other.

Then there’s the catchy, memorable riff and piano-lead of No New New (Ft. My Dad). Catchier still, faster paced and showcasing a more energetic style from Juls, the track and video make use of simple layers and the striking effect of monochrome for a dark, reflective vibe that proves quickly hypnotic. A definite highlight from the Juls catalogue, and distinctly one worth experiencing at a live show.

Backed by a long-running family history of musicianship, BAYBY Juls brings a strong ear for melody to the contemporary hip hop scene, along with a voice and image that hold true to his own style – a level of vulnerability and realness that connects with ease.

One last track to seal the deal, well-worth hearing for its blissful sound-design and the again emotive, raspy delivery and infectious melodic progression – Creeping On The Low is a smooth, contemplative late-night hit that’s easy to fall into. Beautifully crafted, calmly performed and once again following a unique lyrical pathway but with just enough contemporary references and even vocal flows to bring in a broader pop feel.

Impressively open, and a great songwriter – making for a welcomed change from the vast majority of hip hop acts of late – BAYBY Juls has a sound of his own right now; relevant yet intimate enough to really reach out.

Download or stream the music here. Check out BAYBY Juls on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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