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BATES Catalyst


Refreshingly bass-led to begin with and somewhat capturing a fine balance between freestyling and a catchy set of riffs – BATES energise with chaos and calm united, for Catalyst.

Featuring a full rock soundscape of complex layering – organic yet distorted, blending aspects of pop, rock and Americana throughout a rise and fall progression from softer to heavier moments – Catalyst tops off its colourful arrangement with a surprinsgly accessible, guy-next-door indie vocal.

Our leading singer delivers a story of relationship turmoil, reflecting on mistakes of the past, yet doing so in a notably energising, self-empowering kind of way.

Anthemic by nature and bringing to the stage a vast fusion of influences from rock to grunge and pop-punk, BATES create a live sound that’s true to their own artistic identity. The song feels all at once like a contemplative hit of nostalgia, and a simple ode to the pleasure of playing rock and roll at volume. That balance works well, and interwoven amidst it is a smooth and heartfelt resolve – the effective and memorable hook of Catalyst.

‘A catalyst to break my heart’ resounds and repeats, wrapping up the journey in a manner that ultimately reinforces the arena-ready passion and power of the BATES sound. Even in its clear and enjoyably pure indie state, the potential for audience involvement is huge.

There’s also some beautifully effective poetry throughout – imagery that aptly reinforces the emotions and scenes of the story. A job well done on all counts.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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