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Basil Babychan Shadows Dance


Fresh from the album accidentally INCorporated, creative composer Basil Babychan is set to release a five-minute conceptual journey that is the powerful instrumental piece Shadows Dance.

Designed to explore the emotional pathways through multiple challenges and obstacles in life, the composition uniquely expresses the details of its journey, and even later goes onto resolve and realize that all of these experiences are ‘manifestations of the self’.

To consider these intentions, and then commit to the music entirely, is to witness this clever progression from uncertainty and lost-ness, to understanding and acceptance.

Shadows Dance is unique in a number of ways, not just in its representation of complex emotions and self-awareness. For one, Basil’s style as a composer exposes a fairly minimalist, spacious set-up for the most part. Each section offers just a layer or two – strings, piano, the occasional beat of a drum. These instrumental choices change in pace and passion at various intervals, and it’s the playing, the expression and the movement, rather than the piling up of details and effects, that tell the true story.

This is precisely where Basil’s skill-set and artistry stand tall. And you can hear it more clearly with each revisit – the opening moments are familiar now, that rise and fall piano part, isolated, the subsequent, quicker riff, slightly retro-electronic but still impressively organic within the mix. Then comes the rhythm, the pulse increases, the passion begins to soar. Then the melody changes, things appear unsettled, a certain nervousness kicks in – a challenge.

On top of everything, Basil manages to keep a few distinct threads shining brightly throughout Shadows Dance. It’s not a chaos of noise, it’s a finely tuned, thoughtfully crafted piece of music, and it’s easily recognizable once you’ve ventured in. Brilliantly unusual, and powerful to lose yourself within.

Download or stream the music here. Find & follow Basil Babychan on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website to stay tuned on where to listen & grab.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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