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Basil Babychan Insentinent Nature


Evocatively paying tribute to the existence of the lifeless yet living aspects of the natural world, Neo Classical composer Basil Babychan unites organic and electronic elements with subtlety and purpose, throughout the deeply ambient, melodically intriguing Insentinent Nature.

Just three minutes and thirteen seconds but a fascinating evolution of sound and instrumental story within that time, Insentinent Nature moves from a simple keys and synth presentation of uncertainty and movement, to a fully-loaded electronic soundscape of excitement and vibrancy.

By all accounts, this structural application represents the value of all levels of existence – ‘from the atom to the man, the lifeless particle to the soul’ – and both the instrumental choices and the increasing energy and passion of the performance capture that sentiment with beauty and power.

Always a unique composer with a professional and interesting approach, Basil Babychan once again disassembles the expected, and rebuilds the audio realm with cinematic intricacies, unorthodox audio pairings, and a bold sense of emotional honesty – even within such a diverse and genre-fusing arrangement.

“Everything that we perceive around us is struggling towards freedom, from the atom to the man, from the insentient, lifeless particle of matter to the highest existence on earth, the human soul. The whole universe is in fact the result of this struggle for freedom.” – Swami Vivekananda

Single out November 10th. Find Basil Babychan on Facebook, Instagram & his Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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