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Barrett Staples All Right


Barrett Staples is an artist and rapper with an easy going flow and a great ear for melody and well rounded lyricism. All Right provides the good vibes required to set you off in the right direction as the weekend and the summer slowly approach. What at first comes through as a laid back bit of hip-hop, well performed and beautifully produced, actually turns out to be a shining example of the beauty of reflective songwriting and the power of this when placed alongside a somewhat more classic, mellow rap vibe.

All Right is a great song that soon evolves into a pretty amazing one. The music creates a peaceful and stylish ambient backdrop that you can simply let play at first, but once you start really listening to the lyrics, there’s very little here that will strike as imitation. This perspective is fresh and cleverly arranged within the structure of the song.

The artist’s use of melody is minimal yet effective, it contrasts well with the varying energy of the rap flow. The outpouring of lyricism as certain points is mesmerising, particularly when you consider how open and real the lines are. What’s more, nothing at all appears to be there purely for the sake of filling up the space. The thoughtful nature of the writing is consistently clear, and despite the mellow energy of the track on the whole, it develops and grows in intensity and power through smart arrangement of lines and effective utilisation of musicality.

Listen well and there’s so much to appreciate. You can listen over and over because it’s such an enjoyable track, and the more involved you get – the more the words and the mood of the piece are likely to uplift and inspire.

Download the EP That Yonder via iTunes or stream on Spotify. Find & follow Barrett Staples on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit his Website for more info.

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