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Barcenilla Timeless (EDM Remix)


Barcenilla’s return this year comes in the form of a brilliantly energizing EDM remix of his song Timeless. Leading with crisp and clean, professional production, the track flawlessly balances soulful vocals and effective melodies with the pure energy and vibrancy of a dance backdrop.

The vocals shine brightly throughout, always presenting a singer with a clear sense of identity – as well as unquestionable skills performance-wise – and still you get to enjoy the warm and uplifting embrace of a synth-heavy soundscape that works hard to light up the room.

What makes this release all the more effective is the way the whole thing utilizes contrast structurally to let each section hit with impact. There are numerous stops and starts, moments in which the weight of the music falls away almost completely – laying bare that vocal, near-whispered sometimes, only to smash back on to the scene with absolute precision and skill. This gives the song an addictive level of character and energy – you get into it, you’re involved, and the journey continues to weave and change as you witness the passion of the story-line and that soulful melody pouring through among it.

There’s categorically no reason that this release shouldn’t be the alternative pop / EDM fusion track that makes waves across airwaves and dance-floors worldwide this summer. The quality is on point, there’s originality and passion in the writing and the performance, and the completed piece just offers those classic, nostalgic good vibes that bring everyone together at the peak of the night. A more than worthy release, well worth a spin at volume.

Timeless will be released on May 3rd. Find & follow Barcenilla on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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