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Barcenilla Fallen


Barcenilla is back with the smooth grooves and soulful vocals on this latest upcoming single. Fallen is perhaps his strongest release to date, a track that stands tall on its own emotion and professionalism – perfectly balancing an increasingly passionate leading voice, with a delicately expressive soundscape.

Fallen really does get better and better the further along you go. The second verse sees the leading voice and every additional vocal and instrumental layer gather sincere and powerful momentum – a striking change in energy and power, leading now with unquestionable dedication and a genuine connection to the concept at hand. The final moments see the alternative RnB style of that hook really sink in – leaving the melody and the rhythm of the track lingering with you long after listening.

Barcenilla has long been an artist who understands that hard work, creativity and passion must all be utilized at once in order to really leave a mark in today’s music world. With each new release, he showcases this understanding all the more-so, and Fallen is perhaps the greatest testament to that yet.

A beautiful song, a timeless classic in many ways – those nostalgic vibes appeal alongside of a decidedly fresh and impressive leading voice. Everything works well, an easy hit to enjoy and an alternative RnB song well worth the attention of a wider audience.

Find the song on all platforms as of June 3rd. Find & follow Barcenilla on YouTube, Twitter, InstagramFacebook.

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