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Blissful summer vibes and deeply moving vocal progressions make up the energising, euphoric and ambient sound of BANTU’s latest collection of originals.

The Atlanta-based producer has collaborated with Okafuwa, Krysta Youngs and Sean Q for this short EP of refreshing tracks, and as such the precision and passion delivered through each soundscape is all the more elevated thanks to their faultlessly engaging, impressive vocal leads.

As an opening track, I’m Your Man is stunning, multi-layered and both delicate and uplifting as its fusion of organic and electronic elements rains down all around. Weave in the soulful and characterful vocals of Okafuwa for a story and sentimental feel that truly connects, along with a naturally infectious hook, and the whole thing lights up the room with ease.

Switching gears for the follower, Krysta Youngs embraces the retro keys and rhythm of When The Sun Goes Down Tonight, showcasing a more mellow, intimate progression that’s equally catchy but notably more introspective and poetic, for a different kind of escapism vibe.

Say It then pours through with a contemporary tone, still mellow and personal, suddenly soulful but with a rhythmically secure vocal until the melodic shift to near falsetto peaks. Ultimately unpredictable, this feels well-placed as the third song in this collection, given its smooth and sultry presence and the simply swagger of both the beat and the delivery.

Sean Q completes the line up for the day-time festival energy of horns and classic pop and RnB, as The Real Her sets the project in stone.

Promising both professionalism and genuine emotion, BANTU highlights the best of his abilities as a modern RnB producer, with relevant twists of creativity and equal parts character and passion all intertwined amidst strong songwriting and faultless vocals. A real pleasure to let play this side of the summer, and a respectably timeless sound all in all.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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