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Banner Johnson The Road is Callin’


Introducing the second single from songwriter and artist Banner Johnson, The Road Is Callin’ follows an upbeat country strum and soft-rock set-up, with Banner’s cleanly-mixed vocals guiding us through a story of inspiring sentiments and heartfelt, hopeful reflections.

Featuring an addictive stomp of a rhythm and perfectly-placed layers of acoustic and electric guitar, the song gathers momentum throughout, increasingly tightening its grip with a rising presence and power that’s undeniably uplifting. The instrumental break in particular wraps up the poetic journey with a musicality that’s designed to provide organic escapism for fans and dancers across the board.

While the mix initially brings the voice through a little more boldly than anything else, the whole thing slowly but surely finds its groove and embraces listeners in a mighty fashion. The progression and sheer energy of the surrounding music also suggest that a live performance would no doubt be where a bright and heartfelt anthem like this would really come to life.

All at once poetic and personal, loaded with imagery and backed by a meandering melody that resolves well at the end of each line, The Road Is Callin’ takes no time at all to feel like a timeless classic. The country vibe is alive and well, and meanwhile Banner’s voice injects a level of identity that will no doubt continue to prove recognisable across all future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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