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Bad Mary Rock & Roll Classics: Vol 7


Introducing their latest installment of high-octane odes to rock and roll’s history, Bad Mary deliver an explosive six-track collection – a playlist of covers that showcase some of the less expected but equally infectious classics from times past.

For those new to their sound, Bad Mary make fine use of passionate and skilful musicianship and performances, as they pay tribute to the timeless presence and pace of rock and roll, punk and even disco, with their own unmistakable style to really bring each song to life.

This time featuring hits from Blondie, Queen, Cream, The Go Go’s, the Misfits and Donna Summer, Vol. 7 promises to reignite the anthemic rock magic of a simpler era.

Tie Your Mother Down raises the roof as an opener, before We Got The Beat ramps up the pulse all the more so for an easy highlight. Then we get a touch of relentless punk-rock energy for Hybrid Moments, followed by the absolute highlight of a renowned Call Me, and the band’s sound and devotion to the moment continues to grip.

Born to perform vocals front the adept and engaging Bad Mary, and with work ethic and talent combined, their audience is rightfully expanding.

Check out Bad Mary via their weekly live streams on Twitch, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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