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Bad Bubble Olive Oil (The Face Reveal)


An elusive artist, an image intertwined with the creative exploration of pain and joy and the unrelenting depth of human existence – Bad Bubble has carved out an unmistakable pathway within the modern music realm, and has done so without ever showing his face. Until now.

For those new to his work, Bad Bubble is the songwriter who brings us album after album of synth-pop and dream-wave-soaked performances – soulfully gripping deep-dives that underline the highs and lows of a life spent devoted to love and connection; the brightness of being, the harsh intrusion of loss.

From Underscore we moved through hours of music and writing that fearlessly detailed the impact of various experiences – the elation of romantic oneness starkly juxtaposed by the devasting impact of death. More recently we’ve anticipated the release of the album War, a change of direction that shines more light on the mysterious yet profoundly honest songwriter Bad Bubble. And to further that twist of revelation, the new single and video for Olive Oil finally showcases the real face of the human, the artist, behind the Bad Bubble legacy.

A softly emotional recording, mellow and choir-like in its simplicity and calm, Olive Oil’s visual accompaniment draws additional focus to the clear emotion and true feeling that bred the music. The eyes hold nothing back, and so for the masked artistes out there – we revel in their perfecting of the audio craft, but once the mask is removed; the connection strengthens in unexpected ways.

The instrumental humility, the chord patterns and dreamy array of synths, back up a nearly whispered delivery for Olive Oil, supporting the extensive presentation of the man behind the music in a way that naturally mesmerises.

Promising both photos and performance clips, behind the scenes stages of creation that fans of Bad Bubble will have been craving, Olive Oil officially tears down the curtain to reveal the heartbroken yet musically uninhibited wizard at the helm.

The final moments of Olive Oil gift us the piercingly passionate edges of Bad Bubble’s vocal work in a beautifully poignant fashion, and the recording in full perfectly encapsulates the story-telling and immersive production that lights up so much of his incomparably extensive repertoire.

Find Bad Bubble on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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