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Backdrop Violet Classic Encounters With the Good Life


Backdrop Violet seem to have the chemistry just right with this project. Not only does their band-name have a certain poetic prowess and satisfying pronunciation about it, but the album title follows up that initial intrigue with a Panic At The Disco kind of story-line appeal – and the music and performances throughout more than meet the bar set by these expectations.

Fusing a little of pop with a touch of classic RnB, electronica, and that PATD sense of character and melodic development, Tongue Ammo is a mighty song, interesting and enjoyable right the way through, and indicative of a band with a vastly creative, likable way with writing and composition.

Adding dashes of hip hop and pop-rock from throughout the ages, this album consistently engages with listeners, blending unwavering honesty with uplifting rhythms and colourful soundscapes. Brixton is a pop hit by all accounts, a little Taylor Swift-like on the surface, though again the production and that voice help things lean in a refreshing direction.

As things continue, this quickly becomes a go-to playlist whenever the world gets a little too heavy, serious, or uninviting. Presenting an array of creatively free yet immersive and effective soundscapes, unconfined by genre, and leading with absolute honesty and intimacy, the album attempts to entertain and connect all at once, and it succeeds in doing so increasingly as the playlist goes on.

Unsteady feels like a pop anthem, still with that open, truthful core, and a brilliantly genuine, compelling hook. Quiet Down then adopts a certain lightness – a dreamlike, calming aura that softly washes over and suits the sentiments implied by the title in a beautifully relevant way.

From a songwriting perspective, this project often feels like a Greatest Hits collection – every track has something memorable, even addictive about it. A rare and impressive trait, particularly for an indie band.

During the latter half, Love Frights takes on a slight Owl City vibe, leaning towards M83 – a slow burner but a personal highlight in hindsight; a song with the ability to transport you somewhere else entirely. You follows and proceeds to build further on that powerful escapism and overwhelming calm. Love Me More keeps it going all the more-so, professionally arranged, feeling somewhat cinematic as it emerges. Lyrics and story-telling return to help ground you as things become accessible and familiar once again.

At the penultimate moment, Elton John kicks in as a powerful anthem, mellow yet rising in intensity and energy throughout, with a thoughtful, precise and catchy yet non-intrusive hook. Beautiful writing, intriguing and effective in getting you to really listen to the details and the depth. Another highlight, with a hint of punk-pop or hip hop angst and theatrics to really help round things off.

Oblivion rightfully ends it all on an almighty note of emotion and revealing honesty. A well-crafted pop song with a genuine undertone of realness and heartache. Another striking hook proves one last time that this is a band with songwriting as an absolute strength. It’s a skill met by flawless performances, musicianship, and genuine character. Often bands have one or two of these qualities – rarely do they have them all.

Well worth tuning in for. I look forward to catching a live show.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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