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B. Hughes Songs With Friends


Organic soul and jazz vibes meet with an extensive conscious rap of a quietly confident nature, along with the depth and devotion of a series of images and lines that provoke thought and connection. B. Hughes collaborates with a live band for the powerful new project and full-length video Songs With Friends.

Showcasing a background story of documentary-style fragments intermittently throughout, the video highlights the natural passion and skill of B. Hughes and friends in a seductive and naturally impressive way.

Focused on the grind and the natural presence of hip hop that needs nothing flashy or overbearing to draw a crowd, Songs With Friends introduces B. Hughes in a way that captivates and calms.

The self-edited video feels like a timeless ode to the journey of the artist, weaving in a home-made, nostalgic vibe initially, a live performance, and a heavier hit of intention and topical poignancy later on.

At eighteen minutes in length, the short film is striking, authentic in its real-life clips of all too familiar territory from the past couple of years.

Meanwhile, the music plays on, the singers and the rapper pouring everything into the process in a subtle yet compelling manner.

Work ethic and passion unite and the result is clear, a dedication to the art-form, to intention and depth, to commitment on the mic and in the studio.

B. Hughes tells a story of the era in a timeless, memorable fashion, and shines the spotlight on a number of equally expressive, talented friends in the same instance. Well worth knowing about.

Download or stream Songs With Friends here. Check out B. Hughes on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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