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Azure Kai The Cakepop Song


Vivid imagery and quirky storytelling meet with colourful production and immersive design – Azure Kai returns with the conceptually memorable, smooth and catchy The Cakepop Song.

Cinematic from the outset for its spoken introduction, The Cakepop Song goes on to employ a retro array of synths, bass notes and rhythms, in support of a soulful, softly passionate and infectious vocal thread.

The Cakepop Song makes fine use of its smooth, shoulder-swaying vibe and the rising energy of the vocal, offering an easy ear-worm as well as an increasingly bright, energetic arrangement – which, during the latter half, adopts those initial characterful qualities all the more so, and even utilizes a soul-rock electric guitar for a further level of swagger and expressive appeal.

Cleverly vast, coming in at close to five minutes in length, The Cakepop Song takes the concept of adoration and young love through an arena of personality and specific, memorable detail.

The big-band finish is brilliant, the song proving increasingly likable, uplifting as it moves along, and within this we get those relatable, humble yet unmistakable vocals – something likely to connect across all future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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