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Azton Azton WIN


Distant yet soulful and bright vocals back up an addictive stomp of a beat, as Azton Azton introduces his upcoming debut EP with the uniquely creative single WIN.

Backed by simple piano chords and a classic rhythm, the retro mix of WIN gifts it a nostalgic sense of authenticity – a kind of raw, performative and purposeful yesteryear twang; akin to the smokey soul clubs of a simpler era.

Alongside this, however, the beat and production, though simple, deliver a notably creative edge – in keeping with the structural shifts of the writing. As such, we end up in a kind of classic alt-pop territory, somewhere between the likes of Fatboy Slim and the more art-rap realms of the modern scene.

Evocative and poetic from start to finish, WIN proves brief at two-minutes nineteen, but hits with impact for its unorthodox presentation and the two-part melodic presence of this verse-chorus set-up. The EP Technocity will hopefully rain down with equal artistry and depth.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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