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Aztec Flow Focus


Great production and songwriting naturally elevate the already impressive sound of rapper and artist Aztec Flow. Focus is easily his most infectious anthem yet, blending warped sound-design with lighter flavours and a vocal chorus of unity and warmth, not to mention quirky nostalgic visuals to match.

The whole thing feels creatively interesting, yet still breathes intention and depth into the scene thanks to the storyline and openness of the verses.

Aztec’s bars alone connect across releases, freestyle expressions and long-er-form idea developments walk hand in hand to captivate. In this case, the music has that something special about it to really raise the bar and draw you in closer still. The result is that the lyrics reach out with even more presence and reason, and so as we resolve back to that catchy hook melody – ‘Why can’t you let this shit go?’, the whole vibe really starts to kick in.

Addictively colourful, inspiring, refreshingly original yet also rooted amidst the effective calling cards of alternative pop and hip hop, Focus drives with a timeless edge of relevance and humanity. Both poetic and personal, laid-back and gritty in small doses, the track works its magic with ease.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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