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Azcanta We Will Shine (Feat. Tove Holm)


Azcanta takes the time to craft something incredibly powerful with this latest single. We Will Shine is a huge track, but the producer offers up such a clear connection to the craft, right the way through, that the whole thing feels much more meaningful than the average EDM release.

We Will Shine starts off slowly, letting those featured vocals guide the way to introduce a soulful, intentional story-line. Right from the beginning you get a sense of this being a somewhat fearless producer at work – not needing to gather the hardcore dance fans from the moment things begin, but rather, reaching out with an honest and artistic approach to music in general. As you follow the story along, as you witness that expressive and rather stunning leading voice meandering through the moments, you’re swept away on the energy and the rising anticipation – so when the drop comes, when those bigger instances hit, you’re already well and truly involved in the story and in line with the emotion as it happens.

The bulk of this release showcases a passionate and mighty dance-pop track that feels a little reminiscent of nineties summer times. However, songwriting-wise and indeed in many of the details the producer throws into the mix, there’s a clear level of identity and subsequently freshness to the composition. Those happy hardcore vibes are partly nostalgic, but the synths and the way these have been intertwined – even the way they fall back to allow the vocal to shine once again – everything has been arranged with a clear understanding of how effective dance music works.

To listen at volume is to allow yourself to truly get lost in the moment. The brightness and the high energy are immensely uplifting, inspiring even, and they offer a genuine state of happiness to anyone willing to let the track fill the room.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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