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AZA Go Slowly


Fresh from the EP of the same name, AZA’s Go Slowly leads with the simple embrace of organic jazz piano, and a vocal that brings together easy melodies and classic raps – resulting in a track that ultimately evolves and embraces listeners in a beautifully authentic way.

Encapsulating the sound and talent of the artist, Go Slowly is all at once conceptually considerate and stylishly pure. Clean-cut vocals make for a refreshing change in direction in terms of the current hip hop landscape – as does the organic instrumental set-up.

Slowly but surely the track develops a stronger groove, the voice guiding the way with multiple flows and a clearly laid-back yet joyful love for the process.

At close to the six-minute mark, Go Slowly wholly explores its underlying sentiments and rightfully takes its time to do so. The song consistently progresses, moving from good to great to insistent on a repeat listen. The lyrics are impressive, compelling, and you don’t necessarily expect this after relaxing into the opening few bars. AZA has something worthy of hearing, and this is true of both the music and the writing.

An easy must this year, from a catalogue that continues to impress across a plethora of projects.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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