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Ayso Bop Truu


Ayso has crafted a killer of a hook within this latest release. Bop Truu is addictively melodic, bursting through from the offset with that smooth vocal line – a longer form moment resolved by the simple pause and subsequent peak of those two words and the way the notes quickly rise and fall. Underneath all of this, a mildly tropical, near-dance-hall style beat keeps an uplifting pace about the soundscape, offering something that feels partly nostalgic but quite clearly also fresh in terms of the writing and the artist presenting it.

Bop Truu is an Afroswing track you can’t help but enjoy. That hook settles in from the start, and every time it reappears it further seals the deal – you’ll likely walk away singing that moment; or at the very least having it run through your mind. What’s more though, the song has this effect without being intrusive or overly attention seeking. Ayso has delivered a fairly low-key, humble song, with a sense of fun and simplicity to the lyrics, and within this his voice and the strength of the melodic development work their magic with ease. The rapped verses help create dynamic and add further contrast so that the hook hits with all the more impact.

A really nice track, an easy hit and one you’re likely to remember indefinitely once it’s crossed your path. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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