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Ayres I Am Your Queen


Retro psychedelic rock vibes pour through for this guitar funk and synth-play-soaked new track from singer and artist Ayres.

Featuring an addictively eighties-esque bass-line and vocal simplicity, almost spoken word-style and aptly recognisable for its tone and character, I Am Your Queen has a catchy rhythm and hypnotic panning to its production.

The yesteryear energy stands tall, but in terms of the writing and the delivery there’s a certain freshness. In any case, this feels like an indie anthem, standing tall on the strength of its arrangement and set-up – the weight and fullness of these experimental instrumental layers – all fused with that MGMT-style swagger that begs for you to let your shoulders sway.

In amidst all of this are lyrics that intrigue and soon captivate – effectively urging you to listen all the more closely, and once more from the start when things come to an end; even after an impressively extensive five minutes forty-four.

Story-telling and immersive, bold sound-design unite with intriguing phrasings and ideas for a powerfully unique single; one that quickly takes you back in time.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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