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Ayomaz What You Heard


Long-time artist and melodic rapper Ayomaz, first recognised as Yxng Maz back in 2018, stands unique amidst the UK rap scene – not least of all for the boldly colourful and fearlessly vulnerable pop-fusion anthem What You Heard.

Featuring a loaded production of retro keys, synths, and an almost disco-funk-like rhythm, What You Heard makes fine use of a vocoder soaked hook, and juxtaposes these moments of celebration with verses that feel distinctly more contemplative and unsure. The result is a track that holds the potential to provide both a high-octane floor-filler and a deeply moving sense of connection to those who’ve experienced similar heartbreak and longing.

On the surface, What You Heard is a strong pop single with a timeless sense of fun to it, but underneath, Ayomaz delves into the relatable impact of love and struggling mental health. There’s meaning to the bars of the track, there’s a story woven into the anthemic energy and optimism of the performance, and as mentioned, much of the UK rap scene isn’t leaning in this stylistic direction.

Ayomaz is carving out his own lane with tracks like What You Heard, and noting mild similarities to the likes of Post Malone and Juice WORLD, there’s clearly a vast appeal to the sound.

Download or stream What You Heard. Find Ayomaz on Facebook & Twitter.

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