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Something to drop everything for and embrace – creative production of a masterfully intricate, all-consuming and ambient realm; composer and artist Aylum delivers joyously melodic, atmospheric escapism, with the gorgeously-crafted us.

From the simple warmth of binaural-style minimalism and breathy calm, through a rising ambient arrangement into melody, rhythm and near-euphoric, uplifting dance brightness, worlds introduces the journey that is us, and offers one of the most hypnotic, joy-inducing instrumentals of the summer.

Uniquely unconfined by genre or expectation, Aylum creates from a place of clear appreciation and passion for the art of music and all that it can be. As such, the EP us rains down with soulful fragments, cinematic details, catchy melodic licks and awaking frequencies; all united amidst a familiar and comforting arena of sound.

Both worlds and the subsequent stars feed into this hopeful heart of the style, the former somewhat reminiscent of Dario G’s finest moment, the latter adopting a more dreamlike trip-hop sentiment – before leaning into retro synths and rising anticipation that’s subtle yet engaging.

It’s a wholly enveloping sound, tuneful and effectively freeing the listener from any concerns, from the weight of the world, whilst utilizing just enough looping sentiments and phrases to prove instantly familiar.

The skill of the mix is crucial in depicting all of this – the ambient lo-fi crackle is mild but fills the gaps between notes and instances of rhythm with precision and relevance.

For the closing piece moons, we’re into tribal dance vibes from the outset, the post-seven-minute composition later asserting itself as more of an underground floor-filler; born to unite souls in the sheer instrumental consistency and depth of the audio.

Really impressive, in short – music that’s a pleasure to delve into at volume, and indeed which proves fairly timeless and rewarding no matter how often you return.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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