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away from home Spectre


away from home sets a quickly cinematic, hypnotic and rather sci-fi-esque mood with the opening instrumental from this new release Spectre. The introduction lays bare a simple guitar progression and uniquely mellow paced beat, immediately prompting the body to calm and the mind to wander.

Soon enough the soundscape welcomes in a vocal lead, an unexpected change in direction, and it pours through with an equally sluggish, almost indie-rock-like quality and tone. The recording is fairly up front, the lyrics seem mysterious and intriguing yet deeply personal.

Things fall away again later on, exposing a more multi-layered moment of creativity – fuzzy synths and a freestyle sort of melodic lead – before welcoming back the voice for a second verse that proceeds to weave more intrigue and uncertainty around the listener.

Certain lines pierce through the darkness and mystery – I don’t think I like you and you don’t think you like me… One of us is right… – this moment repeats itself within the mix, reminding you to consider the song’s origins and intentions.

The track meanders in this way for almost five minutes, highlighting an act with a clear sense of identity, recognisable character, and uninhibited artistry. These qualities ring true on the second track of the recent release, a brighter and faster-paced song, yet still familiar as away from home – the yellow blues.

Here we get a retro EDM mood raining down around us. The voice is instantly easy to pinpoint, the lyrics draw attention again for their unusual take on scene-setting and detail.

There’s a growing sense of thoughtfulness, even over-thinking, to much of the lyricism. These songs are incredibly personal, intimate and honest, underlining a willingness to be vulnerable – both conceptually and musically.

Meanwhile, this latter song allows its instrumental rhythm and colour to fully envelop listeners, before adopting a mildly experimental aura towards the end – and recapturing any minds that have wandered a little too far.

A genuinely intersting style right now, with roots in both eighties synth-wave and contemporary alt-pop, yet mostly holding close to its own sense of expression and depth.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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