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Austin Arndt (YT) Into The D.A.R.K.NESS


Austin Arndt, known on the scene as YT (Whitey), emerges in 2020 with a quickly impressive, thoughtful new album.

Balancing uniquely recognisable, raspy and expressive vocals, with deeply personal lyrics, clever rhyme schemes, and complex, powerful soundscapes, T-Rex kicks things off in just the right way.

From mellow yet rightfully dark beginnings, through faultless verses that seem breathless, relentless, yet brilliantly intelligent – this is hip hop with weight, intensity, freshness, and absolute attitude. At the same time, YT speaks his truth, presents bar after bar that seems genuinely original, lyrically profound. There’s enough of that real hip hop vibe to reach a broader audience, yet fortunately there’s also more than enough of that alternative and smart aura to really give the project edge.

Absolutely worth the time it takes to experience. Listen loud. An album-full of confidence and alternative, angry and dark anthems.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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