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Aus10 Away


A smooth beat, great vibes, and a rap vocal loaded with personality are the driving forces that give this single from Aus10 its sense of identity. Away is a track that feels calm and upbeat all at once. The backdrop is delicate and soulful, feeling rooted in classic RnB for the most part – mellow and not afraid to take its time to progress. In contrast with this though is a surprisingly energetic rap flow – one that’s consistently impressive.

Aus10 not only has the skill and confidence to deliver bars and ideas flawlessly, he also offers up some genuinely inspiring positivity and a motivational aura of possibility and drive. Aus10 gets incredibly real on this single, topics such as depression and isolation come through, but alongside the brightness of the music and the subsequent resolve to things being OK again this appears in a manageable fashion.

You relate to the truthfulness, and there’s comfort in this level of understanding and similarity. The hurt is laid bare for all to see, and you appreciate that from an artist these days. At the same time, it’s not left lingering in your mind – Aus10 makes sure to calm and overcome any negative feelings, and that level of self-empowerment passes on to you as you listen.

With everything from the crisp and clean nature of the soundscape to Aus10’s unwavering and intelligent lyricism and stylish performance, this is absolutely one of the best new hip hop tracks of 2019 so far – most probably it will remain a go-to rap track for many months. There’s a timeless quality to the release, and Aus10’s approach is beautifully refreshing and offers a worthwhile influence that leaves you feeling strong and capable of whatever it is that lies ahead.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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