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AUDOIR I’m Coming Home to You Now


Fresh from the AUDOIR creative headquarters, an interesting step forward for songs written with AI technology – I’m Coming Home To You Now emerges with an organic country set-up and gentle pop-rock song-writing and vocals. It feels like an easy ballad, and a heartfelt performance from all involved helps reinforce the implied humanity of the lyrics.

Leading with the song’s hook and title concept, I’m Coming Home To You Now proves quickly recognisable. The vocals are accessible, a guy-next-door kind of softness and emotion, then there’s the riff between verses – simple yet satisfying, and again easily memorable.

The song gathers momentum throughout, building upon its central sentiment of determination and love, growing brighter and warmer as the instrumentation evolves and envelops listeners – learning from the best in terms of what works in popular music.

The whole thing is incredibly simple yet effective, and what’s more, there’s a certain freshness to it – the melody feels new, not overly reminiscent of anything in particular, just well-advised song-writing presented in a calming, enjoyable way. Interesting to listen to, and difficult to pinpoint as a product of AI.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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