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Ateo Feo Occupy


Emerging complete with a captivating and poignant animated video, Miami’s Ateo Feo tackles inequality with his latest single, and raucously encourages people to unite.

Musically there’s a varied and ever-evolving style to the single Occupy. Occasionally the whole thing feels keyboard-led – retro tones, simple riffs, rhythms and melodies. At other times, layers of punk-rock seem to pour through – a quality that’s notably strong in Ateo’s vocal style. The likes of PMKS come to mind from recent releases, though you can trace this rebellious, angst-driven performance style – these quick phrases and near-spoken-word presentations – way back to the likes of The Sex Pistols.

In every case, the music artistically reinforces the underlying ideas and energy of the song – Ateo’s vocal tone and delivery further draw relevant emphasis towards this.

While Ateo Feo makes his intentions clear in the song, the video adds a whole lot to the listener’s understanding of and connection to it. There’s a certain softness to much of the track, contrasted by the occasional passionate outburst. All of which works in favour of this being the alternative anthem for equality that parts of our society can gravitate towards.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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