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Ashley J Trapped


Ashley J’s song Trapped has the classic or even vintage sound of power-pop-dance fusion from way back when. The energy of the piece is intense and upbeat throughout, and the artist’s vocal performance is bold and passionate at every instance.

Instrumentally the piece offers a characterful click-style beat that gives the whole thing a stamp of character. Elsewhere the production has been executed so as to reinforce that power-pop stance and emphasise the energy of the recording on the whole rather than drawing your focus to individual moments or lyrics. The lyrics come across as pretty dark for the most part, though once the idea of metaphor is introduced it changes your perspective a little. The idea of being trapped under someone’s spell or emotional effect is something a lot of people can relate to, and the artist’s passion when presenting these ideas is definitely relevant to those feelings.

The verse melodies are strong and they lead well into the almighty power of the hook. The hook showcases the core of the song and its message. The way it’s been recorded and produced leaves plenty of room and possibility for remixes or further collaborations. It’s definitely a track that could be transferred to a number of different sub-genres, which is always a strong point, particularly when it comes to dance music.

There are some moments within the instrumentation that reignite that vintage flame of power pop from the golden age. Not just the click, the synthesised, brass-like riffs, and on occasion the leading artist’s vocal – the bridge section for example; this moment holds a lot of character and makes for a strong breakaway from the regular set-up of the song. Check it all out below.

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