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Asher Laub Neon Dreams


Asher Laub is a passionate musician and creative who brings together contemporary EDM and naturally stunning violin playing on this latest release. The aptly titled Neon Dreams is as colourful as it is dreamlike, creating around the listener a gradually intensifying soundscape – loaded with vibrancy and uplifting energy levels.

The violin playing is superb and adds a layer of freshness to the sound – the unusual and even quirky pairing of such a thick, distorted dance backdrop with this notably organic performance makes for something distinctive and subsequently captivating. It’s close to impossible not to find yourself swept away on the positive energy of the piece. Adding further to this is that realness brought in by such a traditional instrument – you can hear the live aspect, the video builds on this even more-so, and the desire to seek out a live show grows stronger and stronger throughout.

In addition to all of this, to the inherent personality and flair of this particular fusion of styles, there’s a definite air of impressive composition or songwriting to this release. The riffs and melodies that make up the experience, as vast and complex as they are – they offer a definite thread of familiarity throughout. There’s a recognisable aura to the entire track, so once you’re done being blown away by the playing – you can rightfully find yourself suspended on the brightness and high pace of the music as it floats out around you. This is not merely a quirk – it’s a high-octane hit for the weekend.

Hopefully this is still just the beginning for Asher Laub. This particular single has so much strength in terms of being memorable and striking – both in enjoyable and non-intrusive manners. Something about the violin offers those traditional folk-rock vibes that make you want to head down to a live show at some Irish pub. To combine this with the already uplifting aura of a well-crafted, synth-driven EDM ambiance makes for something even more immersive and a total pleasure to listen to. I look forward to hearing where else creativity takes Asher Laub as 2019 kicks into gear.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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