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Ascend the Helix Wake


Original riff-work and the full intensity yet cleanly-mixed professionalism of authentic metal – Ascend the Helix bring increasing levels of identity, for Wake.

Vocally unique to follow up a powerful and immersive introduction, Wake continues to build upon that central, mildly warped descending riff, keeping things fresh while our vocalist employs a worthy dynamic between gentle, smoother moments and those that hit with the sheer scream of the genre.

All at once we get hints of influence from the depths of metal, progressive rock and even the likes of Radiohead during those verses. The middle-third in particular shifts towards an anthemic, prog-rock vocal thread or chorus, prompting a slick and dreamy guitar solo that helps really secure the effective structure of this post-seven-minute release.

Brilliantly crafted, the attention to detail and the thought that has gone into Wake proves consistently suggestive of a band with a clear purpose and talent to what they do.

Ascend the Helix are interesting, enveloping their audience in this familiar yet not arrangement of both melody and ferocity, whilst relaying a story that grips – and showcasing a degree of musicianship that would no doubt impress all the more so on the stage.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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