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Artdayn The Fall


The Fall is a beautiful song from Artdayn. Appearing in stark contrast with his previous release, the single offers up a uniquely delicate and brooding ambiance, upon which the developing melodies and sentiment shine with brilliant brightness.

The further you get into this track, the better it sounds. The structure of it means that there are more than a couple of occasions on which you really appreciate the unpredictability, the sudden change in direction – the fitting freshness. The music begins in a trip-hop-like manner, soon enough evolving into something softly caressing the edges of hip hop, later emerging as an electronic rock or alt-pop composition that is completely free from the confines of genre or industry expectations.

From a songwriting perspective, the structure alone is superb, but on top of this – the song’s hook, this central line, the rhythm and melody of it, really leaves its mark on you as you listen. The repetition reaches the limit just perfectly, not over doing it, but presenting itself in a subtly memorable way so that you’re certain to walk away with it in your head. Artdayn’s voice comes through as fairly reverb soaked and slightly distorted, but it’s beautiful none-the-less – it’s a stunning performance, and the movement from the verse melody to the chorus really highlights this.

You also get to genuinely appreciate the story telling on this release, the progression from the verse to the hook, the detail to the expression, the wondering to the passionate outburst. It’s a hugely effective way to have crafted this particular song and it consistently underlines and entertains you with the sentiment and the plot, as it were, without ever seeming too personal or too far away from the average listener. The song has a certain accessible quality that is likely to make it a fairly unforgettable indie hit.

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