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Artdayn, otherwise known as the Singing Uber Driver, presents audiences with a distinctly fresh fusion of hip-hop and rock. The opening ambiance of his release Home Movie feels like a trip-hop or alt-pop piece, perhaps a little reminiscent of The Weeknd – the subject matter leans in this direction too – or similar artists who freely break down the barriers of genre. Later on though, the song erupts into something much more Linkin Park-like. The attitude and weight of the hook has impact, it arrives in striking contrast with the softness that preceded it – the vocal performance, the volume, and the ocean of audio surrounding the sentiment, all make for a huge moment.

Structurally the track is really interesting. As stated, the beat begins in a subtle and delicate way, but over the space of almost five minutes the soundscape progresses as this uniquely detailed story. The beat is superb, really you notice this more and more as things move along. The intro draws you in with a certain relaxed yet slightly dark vibe, then the leading vocal unfolds, the personal story telling, the characterful voice. Soon enough, the vocal melody switches to falsetto, and the instrumentation develops into the more distorted and almost chaotic. This is, in hindsight, the perfect build up for the power of the hook section that follows.

Once you’ve heard the three sections simultaneously, the overall attitude and confidence of the whole thing seems to multiply. The set-up is familiar now, all that’s left is the remainder of the story-line. The songwriter speaks openly and delivers these ideas or this story in a way that quickly becomes identifiable as his own sound. You’d most probably recognise future releases from Artdayn because everything is so loaded with personality and creativity.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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