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Art Tawanghar Si Fue Yo Que Faller


Award-winning composer and producer Art Tawanghar needs no introduction for most. This latest release is one of many eclectic and musically impressive soundscapes to have emerged from the creative in recent years, and though it leans in a notably new direction once again, it still speaks volumes on behalf of the skill and understanding that runs throughout Art’s work.

From a distance, Si Fue Yo Que Faller seems like a dance-hall, RnB-style song. Conceptually though, the track is emotionally loaded, melodically meandering and lyrically open in admitting failure or personal error in the face of heartbreak; the lyrics move smoothly from Spanish to English (you can find them below). There’s a certain passionate depth to the writing, and the featured singer handles and presents this with an air of realness. Behind the vocal though, the soundscape is decidedly complex, unexpectedly detailed and multi-layered to the point that you can pick up something new with each revisit.

Todo los días por la mañana (every day in the morning)
Tu recuerdo sólo realidad (your memory is the only reality)
Que coincidencia que tu marcharás cuando sabes que viene alguien más (what a coincidence that you will go when someone else is coming)

Dime que fue lo que te sucedió era necesario que lo se (l know what happened it was necessary)
Si fue yo que fallar (it was me that failed)
Dímelo (tell me)

Fusing organic strings and rhythms inspired by the natural groove of world music, with a more electronic, synth-soaked outer appearance, the ambiance tips its hat to everything we’ve come to know Art Tawanghar for – the intricacies, the expressiveness, the ability to capture a moment in a comforting yet new and interesting way. Despite the song’s inherent sadness, there’s an uplifting quality to the music, and that contrast helps intrigue the listener and build a stronger connection with them.

Never one to fall victim to complacency – far from it – Art Tawanghar creates music in whatever form the moment needs. This latest release is as professional and creative as anything else, but there’s a slightly more mainstream-accessible aura to the writing style and presentation – even the length of the song – which showcases versatility and strength as a producer and composer on the whole; by no means defined or limited by genre or style.

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