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Art Tawanghar She is Everything (Feat. Roxane Genot)


Seeing composer and artist Art Tawanghar directly and inescapably address the state of our world, the future we have created for our children, She Is Everything is a heavy-hearted and powerful single – one that holds nothing back in terms of the damage and devastation occurring all around us.

Featuring sensational and deeply emotive, soulful vocals from singer Élan Noelle, and cello from Roxane Genot on a purely acoustic version, the project offers multiple takes of the composition, each one uniquely immersive in its own right, and each one prompting the listener to confront the reality of the situation in a rightfully unforgettable fashion.

The instrumental version of the track is stunning in allowing you merely the concept and your own emotions and thoughts to create a relevant journey as the music rains down around you. There’s an inherent sadness to this piece, moments of quiet juxtaposed by those of weight and power – hints of darkness intertwined with dashes of hope and consistent flickers of uncertainty. A mighty composition, the sort that would undoubtedly take your breath away in a live setting – an effective nod to the issues within, and the catastrophic impact we are having on our environment.

Elise Lebec also features on a classically delicate yet powerful, operatic version of the song. Sensational long-form melodies and poetic references add a beautifully united layer of humanity to the composition. A breathy and hypnotic performance, within which Lebec’s voice appears genuinely at one with the flow of the music and the strings that accompany her vocal-line. A completely different re-working of the original composition, but magnificent in its own new way, and still poignantly representing the underlying themes in a manner that hits hard.

Art Tawanghar’s melody and music have taken the state of the world as it stands, and applied it in a way that demands awareness, understanding, and action. It’s another new layer of artistry for the award-winning creative, but more than this, it’s a deeply melancholic call for immediate change.

Whatever problems we each consider to be of importance on a daily basis, none of it can even exist without the Earth upon which we reside. She is, undeniably, everything, and there’s little time left to save her. It has to be now.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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