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Art Tawanghar Empty Within (Ft. Ali Tajvidi on Violin) Persian Epic Cinematic Music in 432Hz


Having personally introduced me to the immense power and comfort of 432Hz ‘healing music’, Art Tawanghar continues to push the boat out creatively within this audio range, and the results are consistently phenomenal.

Empty Within is the latest single to emerge, a cinematic soundscape of complex and beautiful construct, featuring the sublime violin work of Iranian musician, composer, violinist and songwriterAli Tajvidi.

Rather than existing purely in the realms of calm and quiet optimism, the track kicks in with absolute strength and intention, progressing from string-led delicacy and uncertainty, to the drama and organic, tribal rhythm of a drum, and proceeding to breathe in and out; leaning back and forth between these two extremes.

The result is something that feels immediately fit to accompany a mighty scene in a film or theater piece, yet that also allows the imagination to fully wander freely – and the body to feel the instantly energizing, enlightening embrace of finely tuned, professionally designed ambiance.

Empty Within is a positive energy cleanse with a refreshingly intriguing, emotionally provocative story at its core. This fusion of elements and meanings makes for a fascinating audio experience. The entire composition is a dream to turn up loud and immerse yourself within.

The flute is totally empty….. It is the breath that flows through…. sings and dances…. To be empty is not emptiness

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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