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Art Tawanghar 9th Alchemy Healing and Meditation sensations


Shifting gears in the way only a true master of his craft truly can, composer Art Tawanghar moves from the fullness of his orchestral, world-music electronic fusion, into the sublime embrace of minimalism. The delicate and extensive album 9th Alchemy Healing and Meditation sensations promises to naturally soothe and even briefly alleviate the ache and weight of modern life.

Offering titles that work hard to define the melodies and layers within, this album makes for a timeless go to – the healing power of 432Hz and beyond, the instrumental choices, the imagery and implications. As an opener, the guiding light of Romantic Indian Flute blends with the deeply calming audio warmth and concept of Mind Reverse Hypnosis 3D Binaural Meditation, to present a realm of immediate peace and contemplation.

By far the longest track of the project, at 18 minutes 44, this choice for an opener leaves the listener completely unaware of yet emotionally prepared for all that follows.

As things continue, gentle rhythms kick in, notably professional production traits allowing the sheer design of the set to connect and impress all at once.

The second track, Bliss Rhythmic Indian Flute Meditation Binaural 3D in Solfeggio Frequency 741Hz, proceeds to profoundly engage with its audience in a wonderfully creative and emotionally refreshing manner.

Then there is the essence of atmospheric ambiance, with Rainforest… taking a moment to simply breathe new life into the mind of the listener – a subtle, distant rhythm feeling comfortingly heavy as the muffled, unbreakable pulse of the composition.

Musically speaking, the fourth track is something of a neo-classical blessing – Ethereal Binaural 3D Meditative Piano Sensation in 432Hz, providing the core foundation of healing music amidst a heartbreakingly beautiful piano melody and presence.

Subsequently, Into The Unknown 432KHz, takes blissful delicacy and this current mood to extraordinarily pure and moving heights. A personal favourite for its expressive, unpredictable and passionate nature.

The familiar name of Frosty The Fuzzy Furry Wisdom makes a second appearance in the catalogue, striking at the mid-section here for its audio detail and story.

Later, Pain Of Being Human and For My Brother provide more heartbreak and relief in their piano-led openness and explosively soulful depths. Then we get the voice, the unmistakable integrity and intention, of a focused, powerfully relevant Earth, She Is Everything, and the subsequent closer of a dance-kissed soul-pop exclusive that is Peace On Earth (Acoustic). The conscious nature of the composer lays bare a level of purpose every step of the way, and it helps make this album a uniquely unexpected, eclectic yet consistently tranquil experience.

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