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Explosive guitar-work and heavy distortion meet with stylish riffs and a likeable level of space – conceptually and stylistically – as ARRAYS’ brand new album LIGHT YEARS pours into the room.

The opening and title-track introduces things well – there’s a partly nostalgic, hard-rock core to the set-up, but there’s also plenty of space, melody, clarity, and rhythmic intention. It could be a pop-rock hit of songwriting, but the finish is just too gritty, too intense, to be simplified in that manner.

The concept intrigues increasingly as the lyrics pour through, and ARRAYS’ voice naturally meanders and easily meets the required changing passion of the process. Brilliant, a refreshing take on contemporary rock, with fascinating writing.

Broken Savior follows and we’re presented with a more emo-rock kind of mellow, hypnotic riff and equally entrancing repeat of a single lyric. The build-up embraces, rising anticipation slowly but surely envelops listeners, and the clean-cut, intimate vocal presentation of the verses invites the audience in even closer – right before another emotive and passionate hook roars through to inspire a sense of possibility and overcoming.

No Way Out picks up the pace brilliantly, an easy highlight for its weight, high energy, and mighty use of contrast between the scream and the melody, the softness and the distortion.

Powerful poetic imagery keeps things interesting as the track effectively prompts you to keep turning up the volume – drowning out the less-organised chaos of the outside world, reconnecting you to the self. A personal favourite, and a single out now on all platforms.

Home injects further eclecticism and style, tipping its hat to the alt rock legends of the nineties – whilst also keeping that clever balance between melodic satisfaction and the sheer outcry of intensity that cleanses the soul of its anger.

Neuristica leans back towards heavy metal with fast-fingers and a striking, memorable leading progression. An ececltic vocal again impresses – ARRAYS showcasing a strong ability to commit to the moment, whatever it may need. Superb contrast between the gravel and the softer sand of the melody.

Little Blue Dot follows and intrigues with reverb and bass-work at either end of the audio spectrum. We ascend further into space, and this one hypnotises – a little Incubus-like – well-placed within the collection. Another highlight for entirely different reasons – personal yet provocative, engaging, addictive, with stunning vocal work.

Towards the end of the album, The Crash intensifies and offers equal parts physical head-bang and emotional, contemplative depth. Disassemble Me then takes on a Muse-like riff and lower vocal tone to craft something all the more intriguing – and showcase another hit of vocal versatility.

Ashes follows on well, feeling like something of a sequel. Paired vocals, almost a capella, juxtapose the weight of the instrumental – right before the full-throttle power of the anthem kicks into gear.

One last dash of intrigue finishes things up as The Topographer lifts the mood and rounds off the experience with style and skill. A lyrical beauty – one last reminder that there’s a whole world of depth and consideration at play throughout the LIGHT YEARS project.

Delivering plenty of personality, inspiring ideas as much so as heavy, immersive musicianship, ARRAYS leads with confidence, quality, and unapologetic passion united. Great riffs and more than a few addictive, anthem-like hooks. An impressively eclectic, poignant new project, with a superb finish production-wise; allowing the natural strength of each composition and performance to really hit with impact.

Album out December 2nd, or grab the single HOME from November 27th. Check out ARRAYS on Facebook, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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