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Aro Rose & Poynt Blank Don’t Cry Today


Introducing a potentially massive pop-fusion hit, Aro Rose and Poynt Blank showcase the power of collaboration, with two unique talents that naturally compliment one another.

Don’t Cry Today is the new single, a release that stands tall on the strength of its opening piano riff and the breathy delicacy and vulnerability of the vocal hook alone, but which then raises the bar further still with a structural shift into energy and rhythm for the rap verses.

Conceptually relatable, heartbreak resounds throughout the tones and topics relayed in Don’t Cry Today. The song captivates with story and sentiment, but also with its powerful pop musicality – the beat and the piano intertwining for that impactful passion and essence.

The song takes its time to set the mood, and utilizes multiple different sections of a colourful landscape – all within a lifespan that barely moves past three minutes. It’s a concise yet striking release, likable for its groove and sense of personality all at once, and engaging for its sheer sense of reflection and pain at the forefront.

Aro Rose and Poynt Blank sound brilliant together, a fresh dynamic that feels anthemic and just effortlessly fits and works. We’re in a kind of Love The Way You Lie territory, but there’s a softness and humility here – a melodic, almost indie-folk vibe, which elevates things with purpose and grace.

Really nicely done, an easy hit for the months ahead. I look forward to hearing more music from both Aro Rose and Poynt Blank.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

2 responses to “Aro Rose & Poynt Blank – Don’t Cry Today

  1. Love this song! Aro has such a unique voice and Poynt is a great match. Leaves listeners wanting more songs by them.

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